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Old looking and grimy tubs can make your bathroom look dirty and dated. Ripping out old bathtubs used to be the only solution to old and worn looking tubs. Thankfully, bathtub repair and refinishing can give you a gleaming tub so that you can enjoy a hot soak the next day. Benefits of a bathtub repair include:

  • Up to 70% savings compared to buying and installing a new tub
  • 1 day process - repair today, use tomorrow
  • No demolition - your bathtub and fixtures stay in place

How We Repair Bathtubs

Dealing with small scratches and chips? Can’t get your tub to come clean anymore? We can repair your tub within a day and have it looking like-new so that you can go back to enjoying relaxing baths the next day.

Bathtub refinishing involves several steps, the first of which is the cleaning and repair process. First, bathtubs are cleaned thoroughly. They are then sanded down to reveal scratches, cracks, chips and stains. These are then filled and repaired before coatings of primer are applied. Once the primer is cured, layers of topcoat are then sprayed to protect the paint and preserve it for a long time.

Bathtub refinishing, also called bathtub reglazing, is a good option for old dated tubs. You can even change tub colors so that your bathroom will not only look new, it also looks modern and trendy.

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Fiberglass Bathtub Repair

As the leader in lightweight tubs, fiberglass is a highly popular material for bathtubs these days. We are highly skilled at repairing fiberglass tubs and can help you remove unwanted scratches and grime prior to recoating the service in a shiny new glaze.

Porcelain Tub Repair

Most porcelain tubs are actually porcelain-enameled steel or cast iron. Porcelain coated cast iron is ideal when you’re looking for a more sound-proof experience when filling the tub, while porcelain coated steel is ideal for heat retention. Either way, we can correct minor imperfections on the surface of your porcelain bathtub prior to starting the refinishing and reglazing process.

Acrylic Tub Repair

Acrylic tubs are known for their resistance to mold and their ability to retain their shiny gloss much longer than other materials. Unfortunately, even an acrylic bathtub needs restoration eventually with daily use. The good news is that we can not only repair your acrylic bathtub to have it looking like new again, our work will typically last more than 10 years giving you a great value for your investment.

Ceramic Tub Repair

Although less common than fiberglass or porcelain, some bathtubs are made of ceramic material because this material provides the ultimate flexibility in crafting different sizes and shapes. Oftentimes, this type of soaker will be custom made with traditional ceramic tiles separated by grout lines or fused together. If you find yourself with a ceramic bathtub in need of repair, reach out to us. We can resurface and reglaze it like other similar materials.

Cast Iron & Claw Foot Tub Repair

Love your vintage claw foot beauty and want to restore it like new? We can repair cast iron bathtubs too! Because cast iron tubs are very heavy and difficult to remove, refinishing is a great alternative to replacement. Plus, cast iron tubs are usually gorgeous stand alone soakers tha bring character and charm to any bathroom. Let us renew your classic tub with our restoration services.

Plastic Bathtub Repair

Plastic bathtubs are commonly found in tub-shower combination units and are usually made of an acrylic resin or glass-fiber reinforced polyester material. Like acrylic and fiberglass tubs, we can typically repair plastic bathtubs as well. The process is the same; we fix imperfections, resurface the top, prep the upper layers for bonding and reglaze the surface.

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Our professional bathtub refinishers in Fairfield County are highly trained and have lots of field experience with bathtub repair. We can bring new life to your old bathroom. We pride ourselves on giving top-quality service and using only the best commercial materials. Call us today to find out how your bathroom can look brand new without spending a fortune.

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"We had an issue with chipping as well as just a really outdated ivory color so we hired this company for bathtub refinishing and it was such a smart buy. Not only were they professional and kept on schedule, we saved a ton versus buying new. Will call again for sure."

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