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The seaside city of Bridgeport Connecticut is one of the most populous in New England. It is located just 60 miles from Manhattan, making it part of the New York Megacity. Movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic and All Good Things were partially shot in the city.

Bridgeport has many interesting museums such as Discovery Museum and Planetarium, Housatonic Museum of Art and the Barnum Museum. Like many urban cities, Bridgeport is home to many families and has many businesses like hotels and resorts which is why Bridgeport CT bathtub repair can help maintain your bathrooms.

Bathtubs are supposed to be a place for relaxation. Soaking away your day’s worries can help you de-stress and can lower anxiety levels. However, this can be hard to do if your bathtub is worn or damaged. Luckily, bathtub repair is a fast and cost-effective solution to your bathroom and bathtub woes. With less than a 20-minute drive from our Norwalk tub refinishing company base, we’ll happily come out to fix your Bridgeport tub and tile.

Bathtub Repair in Bridgeport, CT

Bathtub repair can help extend the life of your bathtub. In the old days, damaged bathtubs were ripped off and completely replaced with a brand new unit. This entailed long hours of work and expensive renovation costs for homeowners. Nowadays you have the option of having your bathtub resurfaced or repaired. This convenient solution takes only one day and can save money while avoiding messy hassles at home.

How We Resurface Bathtubs In Bridgeport, CT

Bathtub resurfacing, sometimes called bathtub reglazing or bathtub refinishing is a cost-effective way of getting a clean and new looking tub. It is usually a 1 day job that involves sanding, repairing and repainting of your bathtub so that cracks and chips are fixed while protective layers are sprayed in order to restore your bathtub to its old gleaming state.

Bathtubs last a long time but even the toughest bathtubs will succumb to years of wear and tear. Over time our bathtubs become worn or suffer minor damages. Bathtub repair or resurfacing service can restore your tub without the expensive price tag of a full bathroom renovation.

bathtub refinishing Bridgeport CT

Bathroom Tub & Tile Repair in Bridgeport, CT

Why replace your tub when you can restore it with a bathtub refinishing process. Bridgeport bathtub repair can transform the look of your bathroom at the fraction of the cost. No messy demos or multi-day process. We can restore your tub in a day.

bathtub reglazing Bridgeport CT

Tile Reglazing in Bridgeport, CT

Tile reglazing or tile resurfacing is the easy no-mess no construction process of restoring old chipped and cracked tiles. Extend the life of your bathroom or kitchen tiles with tile reglazing service in Bridgeport for shower stalls, floors and more.

Shower Refinishing in Bridgeport, CT

Shower refinishing or shower reglazing can be done within a day. Don’t let your whole bathroom look old and dingy because of your shower area. We can restore your shower surround and shower pan so that it looks new and clean.

Sink Reglazing in Bridgeport, CT

Sinks are generally made to last but over time, the surface will get damaged and suffer from wear and tear. Rather than removing your whole porcelain sink, a sink reglazing or repair service can restore old sinks to their original beauty. We repair ceramic sinks, marble sinks, stainless steel sinks and stone sinks.

Countertop Refinishing in Bridgeport, CT

Bathroom vanities, kitchen counters, sink tops and breakfast bars are some of the most expensive fixtures to replace. Save money with a countertop refinishing service and repair your countertops while saving a ton of money.

Bridgeport Bathtub Repair Can Restore Your Bathroom Fixtures

Whether you need bathtub repair, tile refinishing, sink reglazing, or countertop refinishing, our Bridgeport bathtub repair services can restore your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Our services usually take just 1 day so it’s a convenient solution to busy households, hotels and resorts in Bridgeport, Stamford, Greenwich and throughout Fairfield County Connecticut. Call us to fix bathtub and maintain bathroom fixtures.

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"We had an issue with chipping as well as just a really outdated ivory color so we hired this company for bathtub refinishing and it was such a smart buy. Not only were they professional and kept on schedule, we saved a ton versus buying new. Will call again for sure."

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