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The affluent area of North Stamford in Stamford, Fairfield County is woody, hilly and home to some of the most beautiful homes in the state of Connecticut. North Stamford is also home to Bartlett Arboretum where visitors and guests can enjoy acres of parkland, gardens, landscapes and hiking trails.

We’re proud to keep the homes in this neighborhood clean and updated with our bathroom refinishing services.

When you’ve invested in a high end soaker or vintage clawfoot you simply love, it’s heartbreaking to find a chip or worn coating.

Luckily, our services will help you preserve your favorite tub by resurfacing and reglazing it to like-new condition; extending the life of your treasured fixture.

Bathtub Repair and Reglazing in North Stamford, CT

Back in the old days the only way to make your bathtub look great again was to rip it out and replace it with a new one. While some homeowners may choose a replacement, it’s a messy, time-consuming, and expensive endeavor - not to mention, a waste of a gorgeous clawfoot tub.

Whether you’re looking to preserve your soaker or simply want to avoid the hassle of a bathroom overhaul, bathtub repair may be the solution for you. We can restore your tub like-new in about one day with far less stress, delay, and cost than replacement.

How We Resurface Bathtubs in Stamford, CT

Bathtub refinishing, sometimes referred to as bathtub reglazing, is the process of making your old bathtub look new by sanding off old layers and paint. After sanding, our technicians will repair and fill scratches, minor hairline cracks, chips and stains. The tub is then coated with primer before it is sprayed with layers of industrial grade topcoat glaze. Once the tub is cured, technicians will buff the tub to reveal its lost luster and shine. The end product typically lasts more than a decade, depending upon use.

Bathroom Tub & Tile Repair in North Stamford, CT

Repairing your tub, tile, sink or shower usually involves deep cleaning the surface first so that we can remove dirt, grime, oils, soapy film and other mineral deposits. From there, we will sand down the surface in order to uncover little dents, chips or scratches which will need to be filled and smoothed out so that the top layer of the fixture is even when we proceed with reglazing. The final step in repairing your tub and tile is reglazing in which we apply a commercial acrylic coating and buff it out to create a shiny appearance.

Tile Reglazing in North Stamford, CT

Tile reglazing is an affordable, low mess way to get new-looking bathroom tiles. This service is more convenient because your tiles stay put. No ripping out old tiles, no messy demo jobs. Your tiles are sanded, repaired and repainted so they look new. We often work with porcelain and ceramic tiles, among other materials. We can even change the color of your tiles to match the new decor you’re planning.

Shower Refinishing in North Stamford, CT

Our shower refinishing service in North Stamford is a low cost way of restoring your shower while avoiding replacement. We’ll reglaze your existing shower tile walls or fully resurface your acrylic or fiberglass shower stall, along with the tub or shower pan below. You can give your bathroom a fresh new look without ripping out the current fixtures.

Sink Reglazing in North Stamford, CT

Even your sink can be saved! Sinks are probably some of the most abused bathroom fixtures. This is why many sinks suffer from scratches, chips and stains. Repair and extend the life of your bathroom sink with our local sink reglazing services for North Stamford homes.

Countertop Refinishing in North Stamford, CT

Kitchen countertops, breakfast bars, island tops and bathroom vanities are very inconvenient to replace. It takes a talented professional to do this correctly and there is always a risk of damaging the cabinets attached to the countertop. This is why countertop refinishing can be a better option; especially for solid surface materials. When your old countertops are damaged or look old and dated, countertop reglazing can breathe new life into them with more modern colors and finishes.

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Whether it is tile reglazing, bathtub refinishing or shower resurfacing, North Stamford Bathtub Repair is the cost-effective solution to bathtub fixture repair problems. Our solution does not require fixture replacement and is more convenient. We service North Stamford, CT areas so call us to book our professional services.

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"We had an issue with chipping as well as just a really outdated ivory color so we hired this company for bathtub refinishing and it was such a smart buy. Not only were they professional and kept on schedule, we saved a ton versus buying new. Will call again for sure."

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