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This small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut is one of the country’s best places to live in. Greenwich is one of the state’s wealthiest towns along with Stamford. Prominent businesses like Viking Global Investors, Nestlé Waters North America and Cambridge Solutions have offices in Greenwich. With so many wealthy people staying in town, you might be wondering what their bathrooms look like.

Wealthy or not, renovating your bathtub can be an expensive project and a waste of perfectly functional fixtures. If your tub, tile or shower are still in good condition, it would be more mindful and economical to have them refinished. Tub refinishing is less expensive than buying a new bathtub and is faster too. Tub repair can usually save homeowners up to 70% over the cost of replacement andis done in one day compared to a complete replacement that will take weeks.

Bathtubs are one of the first areas of the bathroom that see wear and tear. Even though they are made from durable materials, years of use can weaken the protective seals of the tub which allows water to seep in. Luckily, minor damage can be repaired with bathtub reglazing service.

Bathtub Reglazing in Greenwich, CT

Bathtubs are an essential bathroom fixture to many people. It is an easy way to de-stress after a long tiring day. However, it can be hard to relax if your bathtub is old and worn. It also makes your bathroom look dated. Bathtub refinishing can restore your old tubs so that they look new again. Bathtub refinishing or bathtub reglazing can also extend the life of your bathtub so that you can many more relaxing soaks.

How We Refinish Bathtubs in Greenwich, CT

Professional bathtub refinishing is an easy process that takes only 1 day. It starts with our technicians thoroughly cleaning your bathtub. After it is cleaned, the tub goes through a sanding process to remove protective layers and also to reveal damages like scratches, chips and stains. These are then filled and removed before coats of primer are sprayed and then finally sealed using a topcoat. The bathtub is then buffed to a shine and restored to its former luster.

Bathroom Tub & Tile Repair in Greenwich, CT

Bathrooms are one of the most used areas in the house. It is no wonder that bathtubs and tiles are the first fixtures to show damage. Luckily, bathtub and tile repair is an easy and affordable way to restore these fixtures so that your bathroom looks new and clean. Whether you have a traditional soaker and tiled shower stall or a single tub and tile combination unit, we can help you restore it like new in the color of your preference.

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Tile Reglazing in Greenwich, CT

Many bathrooms are made with materials like porcelain, ceramic, marble and natural stone tiles. However, water damage and daily use can make these materials look faded and old. Whether your tiles are showing their age or simply looking outdated in color, we can freshen them up again. Reglaze your porcelain tiles and have your ceramic tiles refinished to restore and protect from damage, while changing the color or finish too.

Shower Refinishing In Greenwich, CT

If your shower area looks old and worn, don’t rip it out. Call our professional shower refinishing service to repair and restore your shower area. We repair acrylic shower stalls, ceramic shower tile surrounds and offer fiberglass shower lining refinishing.

Sink Reglazing in Greenwich, CT

Sinks are perhaps one of the hardiest fixtures in your home. But just like any other work area that sees a lot of activity, it can get scratched, chipped and stained. Sink reglazing can restore your old sink. Don’t throw away your old sink. Save money with sink repair in Greenwich CT.

Countertop Refinishing in Greenwich, CT

Kitchen countertops and islands, bathroom vanities, sink tops and breakfast bars are very expensive to replace. Instead of installing a new one, have your countertop refinished and repaired to save money and restore them to their original state. If your Corian, Formica or other solid surface countertop is starting to show its age, give us a call to see all the fun ways you can restyle and restore them.

Bathtub Resurfacing Can Restore Your Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are expensive to replace and saving money is important nowadays. Luckily our bath refinishing services can help you keep your budget in check while saving your existing fixtures. We repair different kinds of tubs, shower stalls, countertops and tiles. Our professionals are highly trained and use only the best materials so you can enjoy your fixtures longer. Call us for your bathtub and bathroom repair needs.

Boston Bathtub Resurfacing Reviews

"We had an issue with chipping as well as just a really outdated ivory color so we hired this company for bathtub refinishing and it was such a smart buy. Not only were they professional and kept on schedule, we saved a ton versus buying new. Will call again for sure."

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