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Is your old fiberglass shower stall looking worn and old? Are the tiles in your shower surround dull, scratched or outdated? In the old days, a full shower stall replacement was the only answer. This project usually took several days and cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there is no need to rip out your old shower stall and install a new one. Our shower refinishing service can repair and restore your stall so that you can enjoy relaxing showers in no time.

We service the entire 95 corridor and all of Fairfield County, including Norwalk, Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut.

How We Resurface Fiberglass Showers

Fiberglass is a very durable material, but it does not last forever. The topcoat can wear off due to years of use, resulting in a dirty, dull and old appearance. Likewise, porcelain and ceramic shower tiles can lose their sheen over time and experience damage such as scratches or small chips.

Instead of buying a new surround, you can have your stall resurfaced or reglazed so that you can save time and money on bathroom repair costs.

Fiberglass shower restoration is a fairly simple process. First our technicians will clean the whole shower area. It is then sanded to reveal damage which is then repaired and removed. The next step involves painting the shower stall to the color of your choice and then sprayed with topcoat to protect and preserve it.

Shower resurfacing is a quick solution to old grimy-looking stalls. Our shower stall repair process blends perfectly with your shower area so that it will last as long as your stall.

Our refinishing company uses the best materials and expert craftsmanship for the job. Our highly trained technicians repair, resurface and reglaze different types of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, plastic, metal and many more. We can also resurface and repair acrylic shower surrounds, shower pans, shower and bathtub combination units with tile shower walls and standalone shower stalls.

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Acrylic Shower Refinishing

Acrylic shower linings are a popular choice for main bathrooms as well as small guest and basement bathrooms. The finish on an acrylic shower is just as susceptible to wear as fiberglass and tile. Over time, heavy use will result in a worn-off coating and you’ll find that the entire surround becomes more difficult to keep clean and shiny. Luckily, our team can come in and very affordably restore the acrylic lining like-new. Using traditional tub refinishing techniques, we’ll repair minor damage, resurface the material and then use industrial grade coatings to reglaze the top layers. This is far more affordable and less messy than installing a new lining.

Shower Tile Refinishing

Like any other tile in your bathroom, our team can resurface your tiled shower surround. Shower tile reglazing involves the same steps we use on tubs and sinks: it starts with deep cleaning and sanding down the upper layers, continues with repairs of minor imperfections and finishes off with a complete professional coating to make your shower tiles look like new again in the color of your choosing.

Shower Pan Repair

Yes, even the floor of your shower can be restored! Most shower pans are built with acrylic or fiberglass materials that can be refinished using commercial-grade coatings that contain proper adhesives to withstand daily use. While we’d never suggest refinishing your own shower pan, our team can take care of it for a modest budget and it will be done professionally in a way that lasts.

Should I Refinish My Shower?

If you want to save on costs and demolition mess, then yes! Shower refinishing is a cheaper and faster alternative to buying and replacing the whole stall or tile surround. Shower reglazing is a good solution if you want to change color, remove scum and mildew build-up or repair scratches, cracks, chips, and stains.

Save 70-80% on replacement cost with our shower refinishing service in Norwalk and Fairfield County. This quick and easy service can let you use your stall the very next day. We use only the best quality materials and hire highly trained professionals so that you can enjoy a gleaming stall for many years to come.

Our services cover the below areas in Connecticut. We can resurface tiles for single-family homes and multi-unit properties like resorts, hotels and motels.

We can bring new life to your old bathroom. We pride ourselves in having top-quality service and using only the best materials for tile refinishing. Call us today to find out how your bathroom can look brand new without spending a fortune.

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