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Norwalk Bathtub Refinishing Experts offers the highest quality bathtub refinishing and tile reglazing services in Fairfield County. We use the finest commercial glazing products to ensure a long lasting finish on your newly resurfaced tub or tile and our technicians are trained to treat your fixture with meticulous care. We serve the residents of Norwalk, Greenwich, Stamford, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Danbury, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, Wilton, Westport, Weston, Trumbull, Redding, Cos Cob and throughout Fairfield County.

Tub & Tile Resurfacing Services

Based in Norwalk, CT - Serving Fairfield & Westchester Counties

tub refinishing norwalk ct

Tub Reglazing

Save up to 70% over the cost of replacement with our bathtub repair, refinishing and reglazing services. Your tub will look like new for a fraction of the cost and without demo.

tile refinishing norwalk ct

Tile Refinishing

Need your bathroom tile refinished? We can repair and reglaze porcelain and ceramic tile on your shower, floor, wall or countertops for an affordable new look in several colors.

shower resurfacing norwalk ct

Shower Resurfacing

From tiled shower surrounds to fiberglass shower stalls and acrylic shower liners, we can resurface your existing shower and shower pan like new.

sink refinishing norwalk ct

Sink Refinishing

When you have luxurious or modern sinks with a chip, scratch or worn finish, it's best to refinish since replacement is so pricey. We'll repair and reglaze like new.

tub repair norwalk ct

Tub Repair

Over time, tubs can get scratched up, chipped, show rust, acquire stains and become very grimy. Our deep cleaning and tub repair services fix the surface imperfections for years to come.

countertop refinishing norwalk c

Countertop Resurfacing

Save thousands over the cost of replacement with countertop refinishing services. We can restore your counters in a new color and stone-like finish.

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bathtub resurfacing norwalk ct

Norwalk Bathtub Restoration Services

Chip & Scratch Repair

Just because your bathtub or shower tiles contain a few surface chips and scratches, doesn't mean it can't be restored. We carefully inspect all surfaces and repair them prior to starting the refinishing process.


We take the time to properly prepare the bathtub or tile surface, including formal steps to ensure a proper bond for the primer layer before applying a new glaze. When it's all done, your tub or tile will look like new.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes what your tub or shower really needs is a professional deep cleaning using commercial agents and tools. We'll remove the deeply embedded scum and dirt to reveal a clean, polished look.

Resurfacing Services

tile floor refinishing norwalk ct

Floor Tile Reglazing

If you're living with a dated ceramic tile floor, let us give it a makeover​ with our reglazing process. Save thousands by refinishing your tile flooring instead of installing new.

shower tile refinishing norwalk ct

Shower Tile Reglazing

Have old shower tiles that are in good shape, but in desperate need of a new color or refresh? Our tile resurfacing will do the trick! Choose the color and we'll renew them.

bathroom wall tile refinishing norwalk ct

Wall & Counter Tile Reglazing

Whether it's tiled walls, a tile backsplash or a tile countertop, we can reglaze your tile in a new color and bring back the original sheen again!

Tub & Tile Materials We Refinish

Are you wondering whether we can refinish your specific tub or tile? Here's a list of common materials we work with.

Porcelain Tub Restoration & Repair

Has your porcelain bathtub become scratched, chipped, dull, or hard to clean? Then it's time for a resurfacing and reglazing treatment. We'll address the flaws at the surface, restore the upper layers of your porcelain bathtub and give it a new sheen to last.

Cast Iron Claw Foot Tub Refinishing

Restore your treasured antique back to its former glory. ​We'll address any flaws at the surface level and reglaze your cast iron bathtub so that it can be enjoyed and admired once again.

Refinish Fiberglass Bathtub or Shower

Is your fiberglass tub and surround showing some wear? Brighten it up with our professional fiberglass reglazing surface. We use the proper process and applications to refinish your fiberglass tub or shower in a way that will withstand water and use.

Acrylic Bathtub Refinishing

Relining a bathtub or shower surround with an acrylic liner is pricey and only covers up the problem. Acrylic tubs can be professionally reglazed to give it a fresh, updated look at a fraction of the cost.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Don't give up on your dated ceramic shower tiles or floor tiles. Even if they have a few scratches or chips, we can restore them to an even surface and reglaze them in a variety of colors.

Jacuzzi & Hot Tub Refinishing

Is the finish on your jacuzzi or hot tub starting to peel, chip or become dull? We can resurface it to a fine shine again. You'll have your favorite relaxation tool back in no time.

jacuzzi tub refinishing norwalk ct

Bathroom Refinishing Customers Served

 bathtub reglazing norwalk

Single Family Homes

Whether your home contains one bathroom or three, we are eager to give them a clean, updated look. Transform aging tubs into refreshing pieces you can be proud of and turn any dated color into a modern tone that fits with the style of your bathroom. We also reglaze ceramic floor tiles and showers so you can enjoy them again without replacing.

 bathtub reglazing norwalk

Apartments & Commercial

We frequently refinish bathtubs for property managers and real estate investors, allowing them to present buyers and renters with beautifully glowing bathrooms while saving tremendously on the cost. From house flips to apartment buildings and condos, we can handle a multitude of tubs in a short period of time.

Boston Bathtub Resurfacing Reviews

"We had an issue with chipping as well as just a really outdated ivory color so we hired this company for bathtub refinishing and it was such a smart buy. Not only were they professional and kept on schedule, we saved a ton versus buying new. Will call again for sure."

  • Jackson Garey


Why Refinish Your Tub or Tile? (Replacing vs. Refinishing)

Save Money: Replacing a bathtub comes with more costs than just the fixture itself. The most expensive part of installing a new tub is the labor. Putting a new bathtub into your bathroom can run several thousand dollars when you factor in the price of the bathtub, installation labor and possibly a dumpster to dispose of the old materials. Depending on the type of tub you purchase and the complexity of the installation project, we find that most customers save 50%-80% when choosing refinishing over replacement.

Save Time: One of the biggest challenges that comes with installing a brand new tub or shower tile surround is being without a bathroom for up to a week or more. Between demo, installation, settling time, clean up and other contractor delays, it can take up to a full week or longer to finish this type of project. So if your family or tenants prefer not to have to live without a bathroom, consider resurfacing your existing tub and tile. Our team is in and out in one day so you won't be without your bathroom for very long.

Can I Refinish My Bathtub Myself?

Are you wondering whether you can take on a Do-It-Yourself tub refinishing project? Curious if it's worth the time and effort?

Here are 5 reasons why DIY tub painting might not be the wisest choice (and you won't probably save money anyhow):

1. Cost. Believe it or not, you probably won't save any money trying to paint your own tub. While the cost of the tub painting kit might only be $100-$200, the cost of renting or buying the right ventilation mask, wet sander and sprayer will outweigh any savings you'd otherwise enjoy.

2. Peeling Issues. Tub and tile painting products aren't really built to last and we almost always find peeling when we're called in to fix these DIY jobs. The reason for this is twofold. For one, tubs need to be properly treated with wet sanding and acid before applying the coating in order to bond with the glaze permanently. For another, there is a very significant difference between tub paint you buy from the local hardware store and the commercial industrial-grade coatings that we use as professionals. Our coatings are built for durability and include special hardening agents that help the coating withstand use even after years.

3. Time Losses. When you're a novice and taking on a do it yourself project for the first time, it's naturally going to take a lot more hours out of your week than someone who does only that work day in and day out. It's normal; learning new skills takes practice. The only challenge here is that you'll probably never refinish a tub twice, so when you invest double or triple the time we would take to resurface your tub, it's not for much benefit. It's best to just call the pros and save yourself days of time and lots of headaches.

How Long Does Bathtub Refinishing Last?

Most tubs, tiles and showers that we resurface will remain nicely glazed for 10 years or longer with normal use. Obviously there can't be excessive damage or use to enjoy this type of longevity and we always suggest gentle cleaning, avoiding the use of harsh materials. That said, our coatings are very durable and will definitely extend the life your bathroom fixtures for many years without the high expense of replacement.

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